Gift Grab Game

A spin on the classic “gift exchange” game often played at family, office, church, school or other holiday parties, the Gift Grab Game adds a new, exciting element… CHANCE!

Unlike the traditional gift exchange game (or “White elephant”, “Yankee Swap”, etc.) where a gift is simply kept or swapped, the Gift Grab Game uses a  giant wood die to decide your gift’s fate! Roll to see if you KEEP, TRADE, or RETURN your gift! Make your gift exchange much more fun for everyone!

A deck of 25 numbered cards determine the order in which gifts are opened. No more writing numbers on little pieces of paper (you’re welcome)!




Included:  Giant die, 25 player cards, instructions, and drawstring bag
Ages:  All
Players:  2-25


The rules are simple:

Instruction card front

Instructions back


Friends playing the Gift Grab Game


Coming soon… Expansion Deck for larger groups of up to 50 people!

Expansion Deck 1 box



Order your Gift Grab Game today and let the fun begin!

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