Early dice prototypes

I am Todd Miner- inventor and owner of the Gift Grab Game. The following is the history behind its conception and manufacturing.

The idea for the Gift Grab Game was conceived in 2015 after playing a gift exchange game with family during Christmas. We wrote numbers on little pieces of torn paper to determine the order gifts were chosen and drew them from a bowl. We would often argue over the rules because everyone had played it differently. It was then that I realized I wanted to create a better, more universal way to play.

After many different versions and prototypes, the Gift Grab Game was finally manufactured and sold for the first time in 2017 at holiday gift shows and on Amazon. The dice were made of solid wood and packaged in a drawstring bag. Making wood dice was a huge challenge and required creating a custom routing box and clamp assembly. My initial plan was to manufacture them myself until I realized what a challenge that would be. I tracked down a supplier who made them faster and at a higher quality than I could.

After receiving some feedback from customers who thought the dice were too hard, a new edition was developed in 2020 that uses a soft foam die which is the version that is available today. A new box, artwork, and logo were also designed by world-renowned illustrator Kenny Kiernan who has also created works for Disney®, Mattel®, Lego®, Target®, Pizza Hut®, and many more. An in-depth interview with Kenny and Hersh, the manufacturing owner, can be found HERE.

I am also the founder of Signature Circuitry® where custom circuit board plaques are designed (www.signature-circuitry.com), the author of two books (www.toddaminer.com), a prolific inventor, a vintage trailer restorer, a USAF veteran, a proud husband of 29 years, and the father of two amazing children.

-Todd Miner




What People Say

“Our family LOVES this game! The oversized die is so much fun! It’s EASY to play with the whole family- small kids all the way up to Great Grandma. Five stars!”

Trinda E.

“Fun game! Well made! Tons of fun!”

Arthur M.

“Awesome game! I played it at three Christmas parties and everyone loved it. Took away all of the bitter feelings that sometimes comes in these type of gift exchanges. This is a must have!”


“We had the pleasure of playing this remarkable game during a business meeting as a team-building activity. It was a lot of fun! A rewarding experience for all!”

Brenda R.

“The game is contagious and lots of fun. The rules are clear and provided several hours of laughter. Great fun.”

Beverly B.

“Used this game for the first time for a family Christmas grab bag. The dice is really big. We adapted it to what worked best in our situation. But it made it more fun and surprising. So yes, I’d recommend it.”


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