A spin on the classic “gift exchange” game often played at family, office, church, school or other holiday parties, the Gift Grab Game adds a new, exciting element to your fun… CHANCE!


Unlike the traditional gift exchange game (sometimes called “White elephant”, “Yankee Swap”, or “Dirty Santa”) where an opened gift is either kept or swapped, the Gift Grab Game uses a  giant painted wood die to decide your gift’s fate! Roll to see if you KEEP, TRADE, or RETURN your beloved (or not) gift! Kids, teens, and adults alike LOVE rolling the giant die!



Included:  Giant wood die, 25 numbered cards, instruction card, drawstring bag
Ages:  All
Players:  2-25

The rules are simple…

Instruction card front

Instructions back

Friends playing the Gift Grab Game
Friends playing the Gift Grab Game

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